jeudi 1 décembre 2016

Ass n Dick Remaster

After shearching throught the numerous boxes of CD-R and DVD-R at abstract sound/death666studio, I come up with this, which is in fact the third and last album by ass n dick with their classic tracks submitted to a professional recording by Manu at Many Studio,lot. After that I use mastering tool from Beringher output like ultramizer, de-esser and other mastering facilities for each track to got the same punch, it seems incredibly well made due to the recording prior  to the remastering session, an abstract was not re-recorded but it was mastered too. This is eleven tracks in 10 minutes and we are happy to share those last ass n dick tracks available throught bandcamp. Ass well to notice the last mat s trip album with new recording since 10 yeears and for so long in death666record produced infra bass and noisy stereo guitars fro 'kill brain frequencies ep) Here ear the last punch post hardcore revisited with pristine sound quality Licence Creative Commons
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dimanche 27 novembre 2016

New Death666 record album : Mat s Trip 's 'kill brain frequencies' e.p.

Dsxcd666-26 is out , the new album in 10 years on death666records, more soundscapes of drone, experimental, noir-ish musical athmospheres. Guitars are stacked upon deep breathing bass under ground and a heavy feedback on guitars recorded a while ago. Sounds are dispatched to make a kind of clean approach of heavy noise soundscapes. This is called 'kill brain frequencies e.p.) and here is the main artwork
enjoy the four titles of this E.P. can be found on bandcamp. Heavy dizziness of bass with heavy guitars riffs and tape manipulations edit and mix. View the stats it seem to be well receive with already 127 streaming, that s true it s new works from 2016, a compilation of filtered heavy bass background plugged against a wall of 3 guitars playing arranged noisy soundscapes
Licence Creative Commons
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lundi 25 juillet 2016

Fete de la Musique (21 Juin)

A l occasion de la fete de la musique tous les albums du bandcamp de death666 sont en téléchargement libre (au lieu de 6,00 euros par albums) bien que le streaming reste possible et le téléchargement titre par titre, a cette ocasion entre le 21 juin 2016 et le 21 Aout 2016 tous les albums sur bandcamp sont en téléchargement gratuit sur

On the ocasion of the event called 'fete de la musique' we set free all the downloads from our bandcamp internet base, to enjoy all those crust , punk, death, techno recording that represent also the esthetic of the label mechanics of loud hardcore to heavy comositon of punk, and various extended versions of wonder music from Ass n Dick , SKLPL, MV Noizetek and SKLPL/MT split
Digital for ever enjoy !
Free download unlimited until August,21st 2016 midnight included

FBI ANTI PIRACY WARNING: The material is copyrighted by international laws, and the copyright is owned by artists and/or label.

 All funding from Bandcamp rights, 50% will go to charity actions like Amnesty International, Act Up, MSF, MDM, Asud etc

Creative Commoms rights for the internet identification of the recording/ no money exchange/ same licence
more infos :

mardi 9 février 2016

One Year of Death666 compilation, 15 years later +Ultra Noisy Mixdown (10th year)

Remastered, revitalized, bonus tracked, this gemm of original songs issued by death666 in late 2000, marks the last collaborative album of MV Noizetek, before both take solo direction as MMat s Trip and SKLPL. It also feature the short discography of 'the dead hippie sound ' (total time under 20 min!) recorded in summer 200 at abstract sound, lot - Most of the rest was recorded at death sound toulouse by MV noizetek : mat :electronics,samplin,g, noise gtr and vinz:sampling,elecronic nlead guitar digital scream and accoustic noise attempt. Some of the bonus tracks were taken from CDs issued aropund that time of dsxcd7, dsxcd4 and 9 respectively MV Noizetek short EP (to celebrate their 'no live') and Mat s days of self destruction attempt to reconstruct throught art therapy also curated by vinz, camille (drummer of rastapopoulos) cyril (bassist of rastapopoulos) and beats provided from many Toulouse HC friends with help of all this people the 2016 bversion sounds better than ever, featurring 9 bonus tracks and also some rearranged segments, some restricted tracks, some newly implanted that works well. You to hear what you must aknoledge as the most documented accomplished record of (now defunct) MV Noizetek recorded from june to december 200
Suplemental recording includes many sequences made around that time revisited in a apparent 13 track tracklistiung, that once downloaded unveil 18 full lenght tracks (to download for fre) as we set also for ass n dick 10th year digital edition to download in a row all the super sounding. Respect, Love and jump on big acid core (more like hardcore bmp sets between 250-320 except for the rare ambient session of low tempo H and the short 3-tracks live rec of Dead Hippie sound feat Camille as extended MV drummer on bass /gtr/drums performance in a summer documented by sessions recorded with a couple of microphones, not tuned gtr, and vinz powerful gtr bass lines and straight cafeinated camille drums that also appear on duality a live drums/live electronic duo session that went to DOSD project 9, Enjoy
Licence Creative Commons
One Year of Death666, 15 years later (2016 digital alb) de MV Noizetek, The Dead Hippie Sound est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Partage dans les Mêmes Conditions 4.0 International.

Mat's Trip sound radicalizes a lot with UNM (ultra noisy mixdown)  being out of print for so long and now available digitally (as CD version for low price 4.50 series, originally packaged in yellow card with red CD-R tinted recording surface (red devils manufacturer unknown!) well the digital version can be downloaded track by track, with lenght of more than 50 minutes for 4 tracks recorded ☻, one and three being the core of the ultra noisy mixdown and four being a kind of bonus track that indeed includes a Jean Louis Costes remix well hidden w/ silence (like in the 90's standard of indie bands) , it was indeed used with his permission and when it was made he tells me that it was nice and that i could use it with attribution to his name (▲JL Costes appears courtesy of himself, Eretic Art & Universal Jazz MusicFrance) [original music, screams and beatbox by Costes, Mat s Trip is responsible of add l distorsion, sampling , additional guitar, supplementalm recording and mix] in fact it uses three songs in one, it s not a medley!, it was 'a juge ds la tete' 'venez les f▓uks' and one track i can t remember the name where costes is being stripped down by cops to find his anus ! with nice insults (the whole in french) that s why it s carefully hidden after 40 minutes of quazi-non-stop noise. Track 3 had an admirable 'plateau' with guitar feedback to find the listener redrawn in ultra fast, ultra violent beats mixing. In fact Mat sTrip interest with noise after destroy EP (dsxcd5) had seriously decreeased since outtakes and abstract concrete born in 2002, yet he smashes his kind of solo carrier with a live and remix album to final outputs of final battery discharge, change the batteries and reload with this ultra condensed mixdown with sources from d-stroy gtr takes, to made a kind of 'pot pourri' of all of the soundworld he creates with his own (and some co-shared ) samples, notably w/ MV Noizetek (with a quick kind of pro+kardia remix in 30sec). Well the project was mixed at the same time outtakes ' patience cameout in 2005, thankfuly (at least) to a person none of us remmber his name save our computer from his pals from justice who wanted to drag it out of death studios, abandonning the whole soundtrack project and all wav files they interestingly suspected after a night of recording and sound manipulatio (quite a story of reeel life) so we got the reel that permit to finalize in a kind of rash (!?) and anger thisproject with supplental recording but mostly recordings from the long CD-R and DVD-R archives of glorious death soundland/sound lab
►Here is a full presentation of this ong out of print CD where each track is dfownlodale (no bonus rtracks) as the material, quite dense and sonicly devastating, as I said, radicalize a lot the post techno, noisy sounbding MT reshearch for a while, a more noize techno HC approach that don t fit the raves as at thgis time the fashion ravers came out and the whole thing go down the drain, so sadly w/ multtiples folklore stories. Here is harsh noise, genre defiying, electronics with samples of screams, digital distorsions, turbo compression, digital FX and so much more (w/o dithering andno OdB overpass in volume units or full scale)
Licence Creative Commons
Ultra Noisy Mixdown de Mat sTrip est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Partage dans les Mêmes Conditions 4.0 International.

samedi 28 novembre 2015

Ass n Dick 'The Art of Skalping' 10th anniversary edition

Originally recorded on 9 tracks compact disc (dsxcd666-16) has been one of the second ful lenght album for death666records, recforded by mat in location at mauriac sound city (msc) this release comes in its original form plus 8 bonus tracks : alternate mix of some sons, live version, the anti beat (fred+loulou+boss beatbox) and also live recording coming from a ultra compressed CD and also early tracks from 1st 4-tracks recorded first album by Fred onTascam. This session from june 2005 last six days with a lot of great equipment, computer equiped, playback provided by sony and audio tec headphones and my first GMR/Stanton mixtable, consolidated by Cool Edit Pro Multitrack and a 8-track Berhinger console, Rode NT2 microphone, Shure microphones, Audio Technica Artist Series (rip), Samson Q3 x3 for dynamic quick of the drums. Everything has been recorded appart and mixed together at death6666studios the week after with Cubase VST or SE to provide full range stereo dynamics, this re-issue in digital haven t been in anyway remasterred, just some tape reshearch to include 'los ivres de la tentacion ultima' which was 2-tracks live recorded improvisation w/ the same band from AnD minus the singer , bass & drums with apocalyptic voox from   AnD guitarist. Widely sold in their tour that include Czech Republic and ex Soviet Union localities and of course the Balkan and some dates in FR Raymond s Bar at Clermoint Ferrand and Nantes also a short edited 10min video is available (but the full 2h film is still available in DVD from Boomcoeur who released after the tour a 3-track 7 inch w/ Ass n Dick, the Anti Beat and Schtern. Hope you appreciate this rare peace of ear candy for punk hardcore fan, some will understad that some of the live quality recorded w/ a mic on the concert hall has been rrepaired at dsx studios to sound punk destroy and also mighty audible yet the sound recalls b4 their 3rd album and their split late 2009 i guess.
The album is presented in its original version and all the bonus are noted as bonus tracks files, alternate mix and also live or other artists (which ass n diuck member are in)
Hope you'll enjoy those heavily repeated tracks, played on the road, dispersed as all hand made  CD-R (afternoon of gluing covers with everybody in the commom space, the magic of do it yourself, and a re-issue at that time of the first album that agression oppression appears also here as a bonus, enjopy the preservation of this album show how much at that time this recording beteween crunchy low fi and dynamic stereo effects and w/o additional studio treatment for each tracks (by band decision) represent their music at thius time, punchy, energic and beside all punk as they like to call it or crust. Licence Creative Commons
The Art of Skalping (10th anniversary w/8 bonus tr) de Ass n Dick est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 4.0 International.
Fondé(e) sur une œuvre à

mercredi 30 juillet 2014

Mat's Trip new album + latest free download of SKLPL/MT Split

As August,September of this year 2014, Mat's Trip might issue a maxi EP with 9 titles, the title project for instance is 'kill alll brain  frequencies" and seem to be a more abrasive affair than the past recording on abstract/concrete looking for peace thru the melody and proposing a quiet music. At this point the tape reshearch have show some jewel, it would be a shame if it doesn t come out one day, parts from 9.21AM which like 'i don t remember how the fuck i diid it" that s true since living at ground zero, I used to think to do a play room and a control room but the landlord is an asshole becuz it nee at least a tiny hole between the two separate rooms. (at least the size of a RCA, orother kind of jacks (since i moove from stuio A ther's a lot of equipment that hasn t been assembled. The main recordings for this album will be taken from tapes recorded at studio A (and there's quite a lot) and the editing, assembling, production & encoding will be made at studio B.
The download date will be before the CD comes out, and it will be for free to thank you wait so long for a new release. It should be noise, death metl, mixed with impossible electronics, grindcore, numeric signal processings and yeah a track will be in Dolby 7.1 (it should be a data track) the same track 'll appear in Stereo 2.0 version (in fact it makes 10 tracks & 9 titles)

The 15 year video for the death666 birthday will be cancelled, as the CD/DG issu because of copyright infrigment from some of our alumni artist + others. As serious shit & adhering to FBI Anti Piracy we do what artist do if they dont want to be downloaded that s their right
Originally Issued July 2013
date of issue : July,27th 2014

free download here (part A) & free download of 2nd part there (part B)
credits :
total audio lenght 67 min 57 sec
date of issue : July,27th MMXIV
tracklisting :
1.Waste Her (3.47)
2.Apocalypse (part 2) (9.21)
3.Psykotic State (remix) (1.58)
4.TVII (remix) (4.25)5
5.Uncompromised Violent Operating Control System (19.10)
6.Drumz in the deep (5.12)
7.Allelujiah Motherfucker (live + add l live tapes) (10.12)
8.Slave no World (remix) (2.32)
9. Pro+Kardia (5.07)
10.Costes (remix) (6.09)
(11.alt track on CD version Nazguls will have their revenge on psychic genocide) (4.54)
11.Bonus track : (only on digital) Brutal Shit (Die with dignity) + add l bonus tracks (mv noizetapes) (12.15)

free download here (part A) & free download of 2nd part there (part B)

additional bcredits, tape reshearchs, recording, mix et all
track pro+kardia from mvnoizetek originally appear on one year version dsxcd666-07
This split has been designed for so long and never get out even if the various tracks were more or less ready (artwork, tracklisting and so on)
performed, written, by SKLPL & MT
recorded 2002/2005 at the k-nibal studios, toulouse hardcore (2002-2003) by sklpl
recorded as well at death666 by mt – live of allelujiah motherfucker (version) recorded by nitrous, live april,4th 2004 at MSC, mixed & mastered by mt at death666 (thanks yo for sound system, nitrous for live engineering and sound security, goupil for transportation facilities)
mixed by sklpl & mat s trip
cover artwork conceived by Vinz & Mat at death666
music is comprised of samples made by the musicians involved in the recording plus the following:
waste her : motion picture of kubrick's full metal jacket (courtesy warner bros)
pro+kardia : sympathy for the parents (courtesy nothing/interscope records)
TVII (remix) courtesy of ministry (courtesy of warner/sire recordings)
Slave No World : sampling Sepultura's Chaos AD (courtesy of Roadrunner records, the all blacks)
Uncompromised violent operating control system countains traces of pro+kardia written by mvnoizetek (courtesy of death666records)
Hidden Track countains sampling from JL Costes from venez les flics ! & un juge dans la tete written and vocal performed as some original beats by JL Costes (courtesy of eretic art /jl costes)
encoded at death666, studio B 2013 @224Kbps

more about SKLPL
in the studio (studio A – abstract sound & death666studios)

bonus includes some DivX videos of the death666 minidoc (lost tape #1 – 2000) & additional footage for quick video of 'the death inside of me' from DOSD (dsxcd666-09) (includes two video in one, one short & one longer w/ same images, edited differently)   download minidoc DivX 1.33:1 here
credits : shot with low fi tweaked webcam in B&W and colour, shot at abstract sound/death studios (2000), edited by mat s trip, kamerasutra:mt ; music : death inside of me (two versions) death666minidoc (recording of DOSD plus other siode project) shot & edited & filmed by mt with adobe première – encoded to DivX video lately (2006) – music on minidoc : H (mvnoizetek) untitled (camille w/ mt) self-TW by mt – desolation, part one (mt)
download minidoc DivX 1.33:1 here

some additional digital release to get check (on abstract concrete recordings)
and/or Mat's litterary blog htt://asrartmusiclitterature (on Blessed HardCore Press)
other blog about expo of last year will blow out sometimes in MMXV
 The design of the CD will KILL, with complicity w/ a PhD i will extract scan some of the better TAT, , and some WAIS, the one i select i hope the'll be scary, anyway...the video project might be down coz of 'copyright infriguemlent'

jeudi 4 décembre 2008

Ass n Dick latest split w/ Doormouse & 2nd album w/ bonus and death666records 10 years comp available for free in MP3 and FLAC HQ audio

We encoded our newest MP3 files in FLAC (free lossless audio codec) a new sound format (much bigger in files) who haven t any loss of audio and sound quality. This revolutionary format allow to do not compress the files, the sound is much great than with MP3 but are much heavier to download (DSL is encouraged)
We have a bunch of new ZIP files for you to download first the Outtakes 2005 Live Performance has been encoded to FLAC and you can download it there.
The brand new 2009 split CD between Doormouse & The Anti Beat is fully downloadable in FLAC HQ audio right there and MP3 HQ LAME encoding right here. Enjoy the sound !
Here is The Art Of Skalping one of the two debuts albums from Ass n Dick on download as ZIP files and MP3 with bonus tracks this includes 11 songs recorded in 2005.
This ZIP file includes all the full lenght Ass n Dick second album the art of skalping issued year 2005 on death666 with the 11 tracks plus 5 bonus tracks such as rare live recordings, out-takes and much more.
You can have the full download there
enjoy and rock the house this fully remastered 2005 album originally printed on red hand made cardstock
Our 10 years anniversary compilation will be available on 2xCD deluxe hand made digipack special packaging printed on red cardstock with full booklet and insert of 12 black and white pictures from the book Anarchy Protest & Rebellion featuring wonderful pictures from the 60s events. The double CD audio will be available in this deluxe hand made style with black and white booklet and red cardstock finish on our sites and at stores on June,9th 2009
Since lately you can find Outtakes first LP record in two great vynil specialist record stores in Brussels and in Amsterdam at Veals and Geeks, rue des Grands Carmes, 8a, at Brussels, Belgium & Concerto, Utrechsestraat 52-60 in Amsterdam, Holland. (google map) Thanks to those two stores who provide our official copies in vynil LP (sold out but not for long) Thinking about adding copies at Record Breakers, Chicago + Cheap Thrill, Canada + Underground Sound, London . Yeah that s what I call an internationally available auto produced record. And by the way only 180 copies of this 500 limited edition left (but where is the money ?!?) Those two stores provide official copies of Outtakes 33rpm first selft titled in LP records (which mean we directly have money on the sales), both stores are vynil LP specialist, & have over 1,000 titles in many genres, maybe more impressive store to visit in your vacations. Go visit them on your way and you will never get out (w/ no more money but tears to find this rare copy you spend your life to look for !).
You can buy them throught the site and by the way by using Payapl buttons we have again plastic bags for the records. No more fingerprints all over the shinny finish in printing
You can already download this compil in MP3 they come in a ZIP package with additional files and this is the 2xCDs compil in MP3 free download- ten years of hardcore, an anthology 1999 - 2009 -dsxcd/dg666-22 FLAC coming up this summer, it s on its way.
A full 2008 comp that you can fully download here (90Mo)
and get the second part of the zip package here (55Mo)
This zip files includes 3 CDs on death plus bonus tracks compilation SKLPL (2 tracks), Anti Beat (2 tracks), Ass n Dick (5 tracks) and more more more, the root of the sold out first CDs released by then dark sounds/death666 from 1999-2001 Toulouse HC sessions fully documented with hours of music in 320kbps MP3 Stereo.
On the slides many flyers from MSC (Mauriac Sound City) and more stuff found on the web you can watch a collection of flyers and all. A huge comp on 200Mo zip file that includes mostly CD EP of MV Noizetek systeme de sound 5 tracks EP plus D-Stroy Single EP by MT w/ 9 titles and also 1 year of death with 13 tracks plus additional bonus MP3 and many more songs for your ears !
Boom blast breakcore death punk beats the zip file is loaded with quality surprises for the wonderful ten years, coming up as well a second part of this comp for the ten years and more A third ZIP will come with more ambient music that our audience is now acustomed to. With rare Outtakes- The full 2 Disc compil features a lot of great tracks some from the very beguinning a capella singuing with MV Noizetek, excellent rare and very classic tunes from Ass n Dick and Anti Beat some are low fi, some got some interesting texture in the low fi estethic others are truly killer sound. It's very diversified but be sure that the first release are long gone sold out so this is a tribute also to all this sound we made through the year and all the various directioons it takes, in radical noise music, anti music or low fi, with electronics and kicks and killer beatbox and sequences programmed to fuck up everything on 5 minutes total blown out wipe out of noise terrorist report.
Then around 2005 some great bands came in a very different field and offer to the label prestigious names such as Ass n Dick (it's hard to beleive but I think they are preparing a great Balkan Tour - I will leave this info to the board of dates)
o enjoy those 47 tracks the variety of sound sources and all, a third and fourth ambient will come soon, stay tuned (at this time we encode the rest of a crashed hard disk so our backup is coming back from ashes !)
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.